Easy Ways to Reuse Plastic Bottles for Your Garden

It has been made clear for quite some time now that plastic bottles really harm the environment. They cause both land and water pollution. Recent studies have shown that nearly one million plastic bottles are bought every minute. This contributes a lot to the huge amount of waste that is currently accumulating on our planet.

The only way we can solve all this, or at least reduce it, is by recycling these plastic bottles. Sadly, not everybody does it If you have a garden, there are a plethora of ways you can recycle the bottles for your own good. This will save you both money and time Below are some of the ways you can re-use your plastic bottles for your garden.


Plastic bottles can do wonders for seedlings. Take a clear plastic bottle and cut off the bottom part. Later, place the top part on your seedlings or tender plants and that is it This bottle will protect the plants from the various elements. It will also allow the necessities through which are water, sunlight and air.


You can also transform a plastic bottle into a watering can for your plants. Take a big plastic jug, about two liters or so, and fill it with water Take its cap and make several holes in it Finally, turn it over and start watering your plants.

For the more delicate plants that require a specific amount of water, find a smaller bottle and follow the simple steps above. Also, when poking holes into the cap, ensure that they are not too large. This will prevent the water from coming out too fast.

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A plastic bottle can also be transformed into an irrigation tube by making small holes throughout the bottle’s sides for water to seep out and then planting the water bottle next to the plant. The bottle should be planted so deep such that only the top part of the bottle is visible.

Whenever you want to water your plant, fill the bottle with water Through the holes you made, water will slowly disperse to the plant.


With the use of a craft knife, you can cut the bottom part of a plastic bottle to create a garden scoop. On both sides, cut an angled line up until you get to the handle where you stop. Cut across at the top to remove the plastic.
These mini shovels will help dig holes, transport soil in your garden and collecting compost. This works perfectly with bottles that have handles.


Plastic bottles can also be used to make beautiful ornaments for your garden. With a two-litre water bottle, you can easily make a birdhouse. Firstly, cut a hole near the bottom of the bottle. Ensure the hole is big enough for a bird to fit in Secondly, cut a small hole, the size of a stick, and place a stick in the hole. The bird will use this to sit or land on. Put hay and other nest materials in the bottle. Finally, using a string or wire placed around the top to hang the bottle wherever you like.

You can also make bird feeders and wind decorators using these bottles. There is literally nothing you cannot make using plastic bottles. Let us kill two birds using one stone by re-using plastic bottles. This will save our planet as well as being useful in your garden.

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