Getting Your Home Ready For Guest This Christmas

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This festive season, more likely than not you will be hosting some house guests.

So what is the best way to get your home guest ready, without stressing yourself out?

Here are our top tips;


Your first impressions actually begin before your guests have even come inside your home. You need to start impressing them at the garden gate or driveway.

The first thing you need to do is to ensure that the entrance to your property – be that the garden or the driveway – is as well lit as possible.

If guests are coming for the first time, they might not be able to even see your home from the street if it is not lit up.

LED garden lamps are cheap and cheerful and all that is needed to make the difference between oblivion and visible from the curbside.

Keep the lights up, until your guests make it to your front door.


And when they come inside, make sure the hallway is also well lit.

Do not make the mistake of thinking that ‘well lit’ has to mean ‘floodlit like a football stadium’.

Ambient lighting is where it is at. Gentle, kind and warm tones, that feel like home but are also easy on the eye.

The trick here is to apply layers of light – all at different levels, in the entrance hall (and beyond). This will give your home a warm and welcoming vibe.


You need to give your guests some actual house space. That means moving things out of the way to make room for them – and their things.

This could mean packing away some of your stuff to make room for them.

Ensure when they arrive the hallway is not cluttered with your shoes and coats and other bits and pieces. Try and put anything not strictly necessary out of the way and allow a space to hang their coats up.


Make sure you have adequate provisions for everyone – including your houseguests.

Remember to include them in the meal plans and allow for their dietary preferences. If you know someone is gluten free, make sure you get in some food they can actually eat!

The last thing you want is anyone going hungry over the festive period.

Oh, and don’t forget the festive drinks for the Christmas and New Year season, either…. Not that you would!